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Mainet & Testnet


Use the Performant Testnet if you need an adequate benchmark of our service for high volume, TPS and scale.

Historical Testnet should be used for simple dev usecases and limited at 100 rps p/s.

Arkhia's Mainnet is a full historical representation of Hedera's Mainnet (beginning of time).

Arkhia's Testnet has two versions which can be toggled on/off when switched per project.

  • Performant Testnet

    • Sync data available from 2022-10-15T00:00:00Z
    • Switched ON by default when a project is created.
    • Internally hosted with storage efficiency and on rails for higher response times.
  • Historical Testnet

    • Sync data available from the beginning of time
    • Switched OFF by default.
    • You will not be charged for calls.
    • Limited at 100 calls p/s

Screenshot below how to toggle ON/OFF the Historical Testnet.

  1. Go to Network and choose Testnet.
  2. Enable "Historical Testnet" on the right checkbox.
  3. Allow up to 30 minutes for changes to take effect.