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Workbench allows you to easily navigate and understand the endpoints and datasets the Arkhia Mirror Node Rest Api exposes. A dev tool purposed to help you integrate quicker all the cool dapps you're building 🤖👾


Reduces onboarding friction with Arkhia/ Rest Apis, as you don't have to write code to start tapping/testing our APIs :)


UI Sections


  • Select between Mainnet and Testnet


The following endpoints/datasets can be called

  • Transactions
    • Per account, type, failed/successfull transactions
  • Accounts
    • Specific balance, per key, nfts
  • Balances
    • Per public key, asc, desc
  • Blocks
    • By number, hash
  • Contracts
    • Per id, address, actions, timestamp, logs
  • Networks
    • Fees, nodes, stake, supply
  • Schedules
    • Id, Account Id
  • Tokens
    • Id, Balance, Nfts
  • Topics
    • Messages, by sequence

Retrieve live data

  • Select a project to retrieve live data (requests will be accounted for from your account)

Code Snippets

  • See how that integration happens with multiple languages, from Node.js to Python

Payload viewer

  • Where the actual request payload is printed. Great to look at the schema/datasets before integration.

One more screenshot 😀 sign up with Arkhia and come try the Workbench