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Find a ledger of our releases and updates as well future deployments.


Mirror Node: v0.66.4

Json-RPC Relay: v0.11

Beta Release: 1.6 Dec13th, 10AM GMT time, 2022 (coming soon)

  • Arkhia Workbench
    • Friendly in-dashboard tool to help developers navigate our APIS and visualize the available datasets
    • Stay tuned for more info!
  • Status Page
    • Page with realtime feedback/uptime of our available services
  • Api Key Path integration
    • Tap into our infra by adding the api key in your path !
    • No code changes necessary, legacy system still kept.

Mirror Node Upgrade Dec 12th, 10AM GMT time, 2022 (coming soon)

Beta Release: 1.5 Dec 6th, 10AM GMT time, 2022 (coming soon)

  • JSON-RPC Relay Key added in path
    • For easier integration with frameworks.
    • Legacy ?x_api_key method is still kept but it will be removed in further releases
    • View here for examples.
  • Statistics Upgrade
    • Enhanced time filters and Rest-API / Json relay separation
    • Screenshot
  • Project Api Key Regeneration
    • Ability to regenerate your api key if has been compromised or shared.
    • Screenshot
  • Separate Mainnet & Testnet Ping check
    • Screenshot

Beta Release: 1.4 Nov 24th, 10AM GMT time, 2022

  • Performant/Historical Testnet
    • To better serve our users, we have 2 versions of testnet (Performant and Historical) per project
    • Performant testnet will set by default for all our users
    • Find more info and how to switch between the two under Mainnet/Testnet
  • JSON-RPC Relay Upgrade to v0.11

Beta Release: 1.3 Nov 22nd, 10AM GMT time, 2022

  • 2FA
    • Protect your Arkhia account with 2 Factor Authentication
    • More info @Best Practices
  • Payment Settings Upgrade
    • View your Purchase History
    • Invoices
    • Add/Remove Cards

Beta Release: 1.2 October 31st, 10AM GMT time, 2022

  • Billing cycle augmented
    • 1st billing of the month cycle
    • Further Billing information/settings added

Mirror Node Upgrade: October 28th, 10AM GMT time, 2022

Mirror Node Upgrade October 26th, 10AM GMT time, 2022

  • Mirror node upgrade to 0.65

Beta Release: 1.1 October 10th, 3pm GMT time, 2022

  1. Json-RPC Relay Service 0.7 integrated into our authenticated scalable service
  2. Stats/Dashboard reflecting Json-RPC usage
  3. REST Api Response Schema change from response wrapper to the original Mirror Node response.

A code change is needed on the account side if you're using the REST API.

Find a code example below.
  1. Mirror Node Upgrade to 0.64.4
  2. Json-RPC Relay upgrade to 0.7
// Rest API Response example (all Requests){"status": true,"response": {    "tokens": [        {            "admin_key": null,            "symbol": "TacoCat",            "token_id": "0.0.128411",            "type": "FUNGIBLE_COMMON"        }    ]}

Beta Release: 1.0 September 8th, 2022

  • Health Ping widget added at the header
  • Create/Manage Projects more visible and manageable throughout the application
  • gRPC endpoint