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Getting Started

1. Sign up

1.1 Navigate to


1.2 Click Create Account to create a new account


1.3 Insert your Email and a Password along with agreeing to Arkhia's Terms and Conditions.

You will need a valid email to confirm your account and register successfully


After your signup you should receive a success message and be redirected to the Arkhia dashboard.

2. Dashboard (first look)

The Dashboard is your control station for Arkhia services. Upgrade your accounts, view usage/analytics, debugging and others.


Find more information about what you can in Arkhia's dashboard after account confirmation here.

3. Account confirmation

3.1 After Signup, verify you have received an Account confirmation email in your inbox.


Make sure the email is from If the email sender does not match, please do not click the email and notify Arkhia if possible.

Click on Confirm Account to navigate to and activate your account. Screenshot


If you have not received a confirmation email please:

  1. Make sure you've checked your spam inbox
  2. Go back to the Welcome page on the dashboard and click on the top orange banner Click here to resend a confirmation email

3.2 Verify that you navigated to and a confirmation page was shown.

If you are signed in or not, you will be redirected to the dashboard or kept on the confirmation page.


4. Create a Project

In order to tap into Arkhia's infrastructure, we need to create a project. Project's will generate an API key and metadata that will authenticate/categorize the requests made with your account.


The number of projects you can create is defined by the Subscription tier you have signed up for.

4.1 Click on the Create Project button


Fill the necessary data for your project:

  1. Project Name
  2. Description (Optional)
  3. Protocol


4.2 Verify that your project is created


4.3 Manage your project details

The **API Key** field is the gateway into our infrastructure through your account.
Keep it safe and private at all times and share it consciously.


  1. General Info
  • Project Title
  • Project Description
  1. Security
  • API Key main key part of your account that enables you to tap into Arkhia's services.
  1. Services
  • Rest Endpoint where your Hedera Dapps can plug in following a REST API Protocol (Mainnet/Testnet/ Previewnet available)
  • gRPC Endpoint subscription channel to HCS topics
  • Json-RPC Relay ability to use Ethereum based tools to connect with the Hedera Ecosystem.

5. Request Test

Is this thing on? Let's find out !


For this step, you need to already have an active account and a project created. Find below examples from different channels/platforms

For this example we will use the cURL command.

Click here for more information of how to use it.

  1. Click on Getting Started at the top right of the Projects details page and copy the command Screenshot

  2. Open a console/terminal on your favorite OS , Click here for more information

  3. Copy the command and press ENTER

curl --location --request GET '<REST_API_FREE_URL_HERE>/transactions' \--header 'x-api-key: {YOUR_API_KEY_HERE}'
  1. Verify that you have a similar output below. Data is flowing down from the Arkhia Mirror node to your client.

    You've made a successful request with Arkhia! 🎯



What's next ?

Getting started gets you running by making a request to our REST-API. Learn more about everything you can do with Arkhia in our

Arkhia Services page

Code examples

Arkhia Subscriptions.