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Best practices

  1. Keep your API Key Safe
  • Remember, your API key is the gateway into our Arkhia infrastructure. Make sure that you always share it through safe channels, and that the code that is using it has adequate safe locks.
  1. Enable 2FA
  • We highly recommend to enable 2FA for your Arkhia account for an extra layer of security.
  • You can enable/disable 2FA under the User profile (screenshot below) Screenshot
  1. Only share your login/account through safe channels (if really needed)
  • Anyone that can login into your Arkhia account can have access to your API keys, update passwords or delete/remove projects.
  • If you do share your login/password online, make sure you use safe communication channels (e.g. not email) and that can be deleted right after.
  1. We are here to help
  • If you have issue or questions please reach out to us. You can submit a ticket under ZenDesk for help on your dashboard, or shoot us an email to