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Subscriptions Tiers

In order to leverage the full potential of Arkhia for availability and performance, we recommend to upgrade to a paid tier. See more information about our different tiers and features in our Pricing page

Free Tier

The Free tier account is for anyone that wishes to give it's first steps with Arkhia. This service has a pool of a maximum of 100 rps (requests per second) shared between free tiers.

This subscription is not recommended for production usage, since is throttled and with not auto-scalability.

Free tier is the one you start when signing up for Arkhia, with the reference `pool` into all of our services.

The Paid tier accounts are for teams that wish to deploy their application to production settings and need a service that is highly realiable with maximum up-time and auto scales to high volume and spikes of requests.

These subscriptions are recommended for production usage, since the TPS is dedicated to specific account and with auto-scale, customer support and making sure your application never gets boggled down by high traffic/usage from the Hedera community. It's your own private highway on Arkhia's ecosystem.