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How do i recover my password if i forget?
How do i update my password?
How do i obtain an API KEY with Arkhia?
  • Create an account @ Arkhia
  • Confirm your account through a confirmation email
  • Create a Project @ Arkhia Dashboard
  • Navigate to the project created and view the field `API Key` under the `Security` section
  • How do i make a REST request with Arkhia?
  • Make sure you have an Arkhia REST URL and API KEY create under the Projects
  • Copy the comand `curl --location --request GET 'ARKHIA_REST_URL/transactions'\ --header 'x-api-key: API_KEY`
  • Go to your terminal and paste the command above and click Enter
  • How can I upgrade my account?
    To upgrade your account go to the Billing section on the dashboard.
    Where can I find my total call usage?
    Total call usage is available on the landing page of the dashboard and the Stats section can show you a breakdown of requests on the current or previous cycles for all your projects!
    How can i calculate the cost of calls per month, specially if i activate AutoScale?
    Determine which Support tier will work best for your needs by using our Estimator.
    How can I receive updates from Arkhia?
    Sign up for exclusive updates on the latest features and news from Arkhia herea. You can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.
    Where can i add or remove my card ?
    You can add and remove your payment card on this page, you can also view purchase history download your payment receipts on the page.
    How to request assistance or provide feedback?
    You can submit a ticket here or send us an email at, We have 24/7 support for customer support tickets to answer your questions promptly!