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Welcome to Arkhia

Arkhia provides a powerful, high-availability cloud environment for enterprise and application-scaling teams built on Hedera by making available to our users the Hedera Mirror Node​ as a highly-scalable low latency IaaS.​ It has a modular cloud on-demand architecture that can scale with business needs, regardless of which layer of the application it needs to serve.

As the Hedera ecosystem expands, bringing new projects and visions to life, Arkhia is here to provide a trusted middleware platform to ensure these dApps reach their full potential. This way, enterprises and developers can focus on their applications while Arkhia takes care of the infrastructure.

Arkhia has partnered with Google Cloud to assist in providing the best middleware solutions for applications. Utilising multi-region Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) deployments, Arkhia is equipped to expand with the growing Hedera services fabric, ensuring that applications running core business services will have access to updates as soon as they are pushed up on mainnet or testnet.

From Day 1, Arkhia will provide scaled endpoints for these three Hashgraph networks. Accommodating the already next generation DLT features of Hedera Hashgraph, Arkhia will enrich its offerings by leveraging the high availability capabilities of Google Cloud’s load balancing, code vaults, and built-in metrics capabilities. Similarly, Arkhia’s service layer is built across Google services such as Apigee, Cloud Storage, and Big Query allowing for rapid sign-in, seamless & secure authentication on the application-level, and project encapsulated metrics so developers will have maximum information and control of their Hashgraph infrastructure.


Anything you can do with the Hedera Mirror Node, you can do with Arkhia, plus the guarantee of high grade infrastructure and a multi functional dashboard.