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Workbench allows you to easily navigate and understand the endpoints and datasets the Arkhia Mirror Node Rest Api exposes. A dev tool purposed to help you integrate quicker all the cool dapps you're building 🤖👾

WorkBench offers users the ability to perform instant searches within schemas to locate specific types of data using our REST API Tools and Watchtower data streaming services from the Mirror Node. The searched data is then presented in a user-friendly format, as large data bundles are broken down into smaller, more manageable portions. All of these capabilities are accessible directly from Arkhia's dashboard.


Reduces onboarding friction with Arkhia's Rest Apis and, as you don't have to write code to start tapping/testing our APIs :)



REST endpoints/datasets avalaible from Arkhia's Workbench on various programming lenguages

Transactions Per account, type, failed/successfull transactions Accounts

- Specific balance, per key, nfts


- Per public key, asc, desc


- By number, hash


- Per id, address, actions, timestamp, logs


- Fees, nodes, stake, supply


- Id, Account Id


- Id, Balance, Nfts


- Messages, by sequence

Retrieve live data

  • Select a project to retrieve live data (requests will be accounted for from your account)

Code Snippets

  • See how that integration happens with multiple languages.

Payload viewer

  • Where the actual request payload is printed. Great to look at the schema/datasets before integration.

    sign up with Arkhia and come try the Workbench 😀