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6. Signed Transaction Contract


For this part you may have to be comfortable with ethers.js, a library that facilitates tapping into web3.0

Make sure you read the documentation before you start.

Why are we using a different library than web3.js? That way we make sure we cover the main tools of your preference.

6.1 View the Donate bar form

Go to and get familiar with the event handler , jsx and how we use a simple metamask service

A screenshot below for reference. Make sure you have metamask installed, and have a accepted a connection from our dapp.


6.1 Add donateHbar method

  1. Go to handlers/contract.handler.ts
  2. Add this piece of code to get the data from the contract

See below how to load the contract in a variable and use

import { ethers } from "ethers";const donateHbar = async (_donationValue: number, _name: string, _message: string) => {    // use the metamaskservice to get the account address     const walletAddress = (await MetamaskService.getWalletInfo()).accountAddress;    // construct    const provider = new ethers.providers.Web3Provider(window.ethereum);    const signer = provider.getSigner(walletAddress);    // load contract into ethers with signature from your hbar account    const fairTradeContractEthers = new ethers.Contract(contractId, abi, signer);    // use ethers parseEther to get the value (use it as it was Hbar `10 eth` -> `10 hbar`)    const valueToDonate = ethers.utils.parseEther(String(_donationValue));    // let the transaction execute (metamask should appear and ask you to confirm)    const result = await fairTradeContractEthers.makeDonationHbars(_name, _message, valueToDonate, { value: valueToDonate });    fairTradeContractEthers.on("FairTradeEvent", (from: any, to: any, value: any, event: any)=>{        let transferEvent ={            from: from,            to: to,            value: value,            eventData: event,        }        console.log(JSON.stringify(transferEvent, null, 4))    });    return fairTradeContractEthers;};// add the method hereexport const ContractHandler = {    donateHbar};

6.2 Add a donateHbar event handler in wallet.integration.jsx

  1. Go to src/components/
  2. Review the Donate button and add an event handler
  const getDisplayDonationInterface = () => {        ...            <WalletButton                sx={{ width: `25%` }}                disabled={transactionIsReady()}                onClick={addEventHere}            >Donate</WalletButton>        ....    };
  1. Add the eventHandler and call the donateHbar method with the name, message, memo.
  const confirmDonateTransaction = async () => {        const result = await ContractHandler.donateHbar(donationExchangeValue, donationExchangeName, donationExchangeMemo);        console.log(result);        // update transaction in some way        return;    };
  1. Try it out

    Fill the form with Hbar you wish to donate, name and a message and click Donate. Metamask should ask you to confirm the transaction.


For these signed transactions make you sure you have (fake) Hbars to run the transaction successfully.