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An example of how to:

> Write and deploy a Solidity contract on Hedera using the SDK
> Integrate Hedera with Metamask
> Interact with the contract using web3.js and ethers.js using the JSON-RPC Relay
> Easily consume Arkhia APIS to render meaningful data to the client

For the Demo Applications make sure you have your Dev environment setup

Also fill the .env file with your arkhia variables we mentioned below.


Manuela wants to bridge her local coffee community to the Web3.0 ecoystem leveraging the power of Hedera.

As her first goal, she wants to mint a Fungible Token called FairTradeCoffee (FTC) with a limited supply of 100.000 units using the Hedera Token Service (HTS). A contract will hold this fungible token.

Afterwards, when anyone deposits Hbars to the contract, it will register the donation and the amount of FTC tokens dued to the user. When the donations reach the full supply of the token, Manuela can then release the Hbars and give to the users the FTC tokens held in the contract.

These FTC tokens can then be used into her upcoming online coffee website with a 15% discount vs traditional payment systems. For safe keeping, she will use the Hedera Consensus Service to record all of the people that made the donation.

An idea below how our contract would work


Let's see how she can reach this full use case using Hedera, Solidity Contracts, the Json-rpc and Rest API all binded by the Arkhia platform.