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Quick Start


Arkhia API is reserved for paid tiers only.
You can easily upgrade your free account under the dashboard in your profile account.

For this example we are assuming you already have a paid account with Arkhia.

Arkhia API is a tooling API that enables a paid tier user to access:

  • Account related operations
  • API augmented functionality (protocol agnostic)
  • Analytics

For security purposes certain critical operations through the Arkhia need a 2 Layer authenticated Project. Let's see how we can get started using the Arkhia API below.

Quick start

  1. Create a Project under Create Project on the Dashboard Projects tab.
  2. Copy the Api Key Screenshot
  3. Make a request using the following values
    • URL:
  4. Verify you get a payload with the status of our nodes.

Quick link

curl --location '<YOUR_API_KEY>'

See in the other sections what else you can do with the Arkhia API.