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Quick Start

Arkhia's Streaming API, Watchtower, provides a easy to connect socket based interface to plug into streaming events from anywhere. Leveraging battle tested libraries like, you can easily integrate our Streaming API with any client side library such as React.JS or backend services such as Java or Node.JS.

See our examples below and start getting real time pushes today from our supported protocols.


Watchtower Streaming API is available only for Starter tiers and above.

Contact Us if you would like to know more or shoot us an email at

Watchtower is Arkhia's premium streaming service that allows end users to subscribe to streams of data from the Mirror Node. Our current release 1.0 allows you to subscribe to HCS Topics through Websockets and with recorded analytics visualization.

Find examples and code snippets under the hedera/reactjs application in Arkhia quick start


Find the Watchtower Url in your Arkhia Account under the Projects Details Page.


Find Stats over Watchtower usage in the Dashboard Stats Screenshot